About Us
Pashupati Alloys is an international commodity company supplying energy products, steel and other commodities to five continents and our range of product supply is as wide as it is varied and also with consignement agent of Rungta Mines Ltd. (Chaliyama Steel Plant).
We cater our service to each individual customer's needs. Pashupati Alloys supply services allows us to accommodate any of our client's potential requirements. We provide full technical back up, logistics and support from the initial enquiry stage through to delivery of your material, wherever and whenever you require it.

The corporate philosophy is simple - to utilize our extremely experienced staff to provide competitive pricing, sourcing and manufacturing of our products with a focus towards customer satisfaction. With this philosophy in mind we act within the relevant sector utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, Pashupati Alloys are able to offer materials and products ranging from base raw materials to finished products.

We pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the market and our business is supported by our ability to forecast potential global movements which affect our customers’ business. Flexibility is the key to success in a changing market and the global commodities market has shown in recent years that domestic markets cannot be free from the influence of the wider developing international supply base. Whether this is in base materials or finished products Pashupati Alloys offers the best in service and competitive supply to all our customers.
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